The Head is Ready for Assembly

I got the head back form the machine shop and it sure looks great.  The Magnaflux process showed a small crack in one combustion chamber but there is no evidence that there is or ever was any water intrusion so I’m going to run it.

I have to install the valve guides then I’ll take it back the machine shop with a couple of valves and have the seats cut.


There’s a New Engine in Town!

Since the 216 pooped the bed I have moved up the timeline for the complete drive-train swap.  The plan is to replace the current drive-train with a 235, T-5, 5 speed and a regular rear end and open drive shaft.  Well I have found the 235 and she is on the engine stand and I’ve started to go through it.

Here is a “before” picture of the 235.


This engine only cost 2 bones and has had a professional rebuild not too long ago.  It should make pretty good power as it is 60 over and is sporting a 261 camshaft (has more lift and duration than the stock 235 cam).  Add the split exhaust, HEI and the Weber carb that was on the 216 and it should make some pretty decent power.



She Threw a Rod Alright…

216-1Well I finally got around to pulling the pan on the 216 and as suspected, she threw a rod.  What you see in the bottom of the oil pan is #1 rod cap, pieces of piston, bits of rings and various other pieces of unidentified rotating assembly.  It would appear that there was a loss of oil, for some reason that I still haven’t figured out, that caused the failure.  It’s strange because the engine didn’t leak oil when parked or while driving and it showed no sign of burning oil either.

There is also a pretty good sized crack on the passenger side of the block right around the distributor hole.


A Work in Progress

I’m 525still making some tweeks to the site but it’s getting there.  Found the rear end I’m going to use in the ’50.  It’s GM A-Body 10 bolt and should work fine.  The best part is that is only 60 Bucks!  I’ll probably pick it up Monday.  …and post some picts then too.  Until then….